Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Since Ali is three this year, she really gets the idea of Christmas. I am really enjoying the wonder of Christmas this year since everything is new and wonderful to her. To help her understand Advent and help with the countdown to Christmas, we made an Advent calendar for our wall. Nothing fancy this year (although I love to make a permanent one for next year. We shall see). Here is what we did:Each number was written on an index card with glitter glue and a red or green circle was drawn around it. This card is taped to another card with our activity of the night on it. The activities include reading stories, cooking with Mom, and making crafts. Ali loves looking at the card each day and counts down the days to Christmas at least three times a day.

Some of our decoration include Ali's paper chains.

Ali and I working on a Christmas tree decoration. Ali was very excited about the glitter.

Here are some cards that Ali made to give to someone special. She worked very hard on them and was super excited to use my "special markers"; the scrapbook ones that sparkle.

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