Monday, August 29, 2011

Making veggie muffins the Anna Maschke way

Step One:  Find the interesting recipe you want to try (mine was this one)

Step Two:  Look at the recipe and decide it makes too many dirty dishes and think of a way to simplify it.

Step Three:  Grab the veggies from your fridge (leftover broccoli and carrots).  Dump them both in the food processor.  Throw in the bananas too.  Puree with the juice (I used apple) yogurt, vanilla and eggs  Decide to melt the butter and mix it in too.

Step Four:  Melt butter.

Step Five:  Mix sugar with other dry ingredients.

Step Six:  Dump the wet and dry together.  Mix.

Step Seven:  Have a almost three year old want to help.  Give him the job of putting the muffin liners into the pan.

Step Eight:  Pour the batter into the pans.  Take a mini loaf pan and let a very anxious help pour the last of the batter in it.

Step Nine: Put in oven and then realize the butter in still in the microwave.

Step Ten:  Watch veggie phobic son devour the leftover batter and smile.

Step Eleven:  Eat muffins.  Enjoy.

And Josiah ate the ENTIRE mini loaf the next day for breakfast.  He wouldn't share it at all.  A success in my book!

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