Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Folding Photo Book

This was the craft we did for our first MOPS meeting of the year. If you would like to make your own, here is the tutorial. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Materials Needed:
2- 6x6 pieces of chipboard. I found chipboard in the scrapbook section at Joanns. If you can't find any, any heavy cardboard would work. It's purpose is to stablize the front and back of the book.

3 -12x12 pieces of paper

2 pieces of scrapbook paper to cover the chipboard. They can be any size, as long as the are bigger than 6x6

glue or double stick tape


Do the next three steps to each of the 12x12 sheets. Fold in half.

Now fold the paper in half the other direction.

Fold the paper diagonally.
Each of your 12x12's will look like this when you are done.
Glue or tape the three pieces of 12x12 paper together. Make sure the diagonal folds all face the same direction. You should be connecting on squares.

Take your colored paper and cut it a bit larger than the chipboard. There is no exact science to this. I didn't even worry if the cut was a straight line. Cut the corners off the paper as shown below.
Fold the paper over the chipboard and glue or tape in place.
Now for the trickest part...folding the book for the first time. Fold the diagonal fold in. The square should sit down on top of the fold.
Do the same to the other end of the three 12x12 papers.
Turn the 12x12 papers over and fold the last diagonal in.
Glue or tape your paper covered chipboard to the top of your folded paper. The other chipboard goes of the back of your book.

Decorate the outside of you book however you want. My four year old helped me decorate this for her to put her pictures in. She really wanted the pink circle on there. I don't know what it's purpose is. I just go with it!

I hope you enjoy making your own books! They would make great brag books for grandparents. Just fill the inside of the book with pictures of your choice!

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