Friday, July 30, 2010

A little rainbow

I've had the material for this shirt (based off of this post) for some time, but my wonder under had disappeared. I think my kids are hiding it from me! I finally went and bought some more, and Ali helped me make this super cute shirt. She loves it! I let her help me iron some of the rainbow. After these pictures were taken, I did stitch around the colors of the rainbow and the clouds, but Ali was so excited to wear it, she wouldn't let me do it right away.

The posing was her idea!

Also in the works in my home: A household notebook. I'm trying to streamline and organzie things so I get done what I need to and still take the time to read, craft, and do special things with the kids. I also want vital information in one place so that when Abi is born I can find things without thinking too hard! I've had the various pieces floating around, but I need to get it all together. Hopefully I'll have something to show you soon!

I'm also hoping to get an outfit made for my new niece before we go see her in August. I should have lots of time; I just need to decide what to make her!

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