Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ups and Downs

This weekend I was able to go to a creative arts retreat that the church I go to MOPS at put on. It was great. I was able to complete several projects and try out my new machine (and Janome DC2010). Pictures of that are coming soon. But, I came home Sunday night and have been bummed ever since. Some things I can't talk about on here, but some I can. Like the dentist. I have an intense fear of the dentist. So much so that I did not go for about 10 years. Jed finally made an appointment for me, and I went. Well, I need a lot of work done. I have had a root canal, and I have 12 fillings that need to be done. I went in yesterday and had three done, and I'm supposed to go back on Thursday for some more. The biggest problem is that our dental insurance has a yearly cap on how much they pay. After one more filling, I've met that cap for this year. So, that means that we are either going to have to find a way to pay for the 8 fillings that insurance won't cover, or I have to wait until 2011 to get them done (which doesn't really seem like a good option either). I've been stressed about the dentist already because of my fear, and now I feel guilty on top of that because of all the money this is going to cost us. Money we don't really have. And, if I had just gone to the dentist at some point before now, money that we probably wouldn't of had to spend. I know I can't change the past, but I still feel bad.

So, very little of this post is about crafting, but really, it's my blog, I can write whatever I feel like writing about, right?

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