Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dropping off the face of the earth

At least that is what it feels like. We left after Easter for a two week trip. We started by spending a few days in Kansas with my family and then Jed and I left for a week long conference in St. Louis. The kids stayed with my sister and her family for the week. We've been home for a while now, but it still feels like I'm running in circles.

I've strongly hinted that I want Anna Maria Horner's new book for Mother's Day. We will see if the hint is taken. Besides making things for friends and family having babies, I think I'd like to make a few things for Baby 3, which should make his appearance in late October or early November. We will see.

I did manage to sew Ali's Easter Dress. I need to get a good picture of her in it. And, I did finally make it to Stonemountain and Daughter's fabric in Berkeley. We've lived here for almost two years, so it was about time. It was fun to visit. Ali and I really enjoyed looking at the fabrics. So many beautiful choices. Jed didn't quite get it, but that's okay, he humored me!

So, that's all for now...hopefully I won't ignore this blog for so long again.

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